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Guidelines for Passing a Hair Drug Test

The marijuana has been approved in most of the US states because of its medicinal purpose but however no employer will take you for the job if you have the strains of the substances in your body. It’s not possible to fake the results if you have been a victim of using the substance. However there are different ways of doing the drug test which includes the blood test, urine test, and the hair follicle test. Among the three possible drug test methods the hair follicle test is more common to many companies because there are more chances of getting the drug traces even when the candidate smoked three months ago something that may not be possible with other tests. Therefore the possibility of passing the test is very low and sometimes impossible. In case you are awaiting any hair drug test, you should relax because you will learn about how to pass your hair drug test.

Before we go to the tips for passing the hair drug test, you have to understand the things that influence how long the marijuana THC stays in your blood stream. Your metabolism and diet, fat levels, quantity smoked, exercise and sweat are some of the factors that influence how fast or slowly the marijuana will clear from your body.

Make sure that you clear your blood and hair naturally. Since the blood is what is responsible for the THC element on the hair hence you have to start by eliminating the traces in the blood by cleansing the blood. Consider diet and supplements as the agents to help you with the cleansing process. Drinking water will help to clean the body when you exercise through sweating. You can see page for more details on the hair drug test.

To pass the hair drug test you will need to do the Macujo tests. The method has recorded two sides which are working for some people and not working for others. You need to know that the choice of shampoo and the amount of marijuana in the blood can affect the expected results. The first step for this method is to quit smoking. If you want you can resume after you have passed the test. Keep your hair damp. The third step is to apply the Heinz vinegar on the scalp and spread evenly. Then add another clear mixture to the hair and scalp and do the same as in step three. After the fourth step, the other steps includes given the mixture about 30 minutes before you wash it with the Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo and later tide liquid laundry detergent.

Buying the product for the hair follicle drug test can be stressful but you have to make sure you buy from a reputable supplier at the best price.