Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate

Make haste, slowly. You’ve just landed a commercial real estate account and you need to build a strong marketing campaign for it. Now is the time to “slowly hasten” to build that campaign. Take enough time to make it a quality campaign.

There are several key elements that should always/usually be included in a good commercial real estate marketing campaign. Some of those elements can be set up fairly quickly while others will take a bit of time and careful thought before implementation.

Building the marketing package

The hard copy package you assemble for marketing a commercial property should be designed to be easily converted into a PDF format for easier internet distribution from your email or a website download.

Some of the important elements are:

Quality cover page – the cover should have a quality photo of the property or an aerial shot, and a few major deal points like the address, price, and cap rate. The cover should promote the property, not you.

The story – behind every building and sale is a story. Tell that story and show investors why they should be interested in that property.

NOTE: The hook in the story should be why the property is a desirable investment. Does it have a high tenancy and reliable income? Is it in a prime location?

Aerials and maps – download or purchase quality aerial photos that give the viewer a wider perspective of the property and its surrounding environment.

NOTE: Don’t make the package so photo heavy that the PDF will be slow to download.

Mixed media

With time and experience you will learn which media channels work best for marketing your commercial properties. In addition to hard copy, display signage, direct mail, and press releases, make as full use of Internet and social media as possible.

Web listing – a web listing is the fastest way distribute details of your property. The listing should be balanced between providing too much and too little information: just enough to pique interest, yet leave viewers asking for more information.

Easy-to-find filtering- your website should allow for attribute-based filter searching so that investors can quickly access key points of the deal.

Analytics – website analytics allow you to track the number of site viewers.

Registration – design the site to required registration to access details beyond the basics. (This separates the casual visitors from likely investors and helps you build your internal marketing database.)

Email – use email blasts to market your listings to your database of principal investors and other brokers.

Social media – utilize all social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogging. Create a template of information that will be common to each media but customizable to individual format requirements and viewership.


Although you need to get your new marketing campaign quickly underway, make haste, slowly. Your well planned and executed campaign will be awesome!