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A Guide for Choosing a Digital Marketing Company

Many factors contribute to the success of every business such as how well they manage their business finances and how they handle their customers. Additionally, the marketing strategy you use will also play an essential role in the success of your business. Every industry has shifted online by creating a business website because it is one of the booming strategies nowadays that has benefited many companies especially when it comes to eliminating geographical barriers that were there. When it comes to digital marketing, you can choose to do it in-house or higher digital marketing companies that are available nowadays. Hiring the digital marketing contractors can benefit you many ways, but you have to be careful when hiring them. The following are some tips for hiring the best digital marketing contractor.

One of the reasons why working with the digital marketing companies is important is because was to create an online presence. The best thing, therefore, you can do is to consider looking at their website first because it can tell you a lot about the company. If the company doesn’t optimize the site, no guarantee will offer the different services when it comes to optimizing your website and that is a red card for them. Another reliable source of information that can help you learn more about the company are the customer reviews on the Internet. You have people and other companies that can trust when it comes to choosing the best company to help you create a local online presence and you can ask them for referrals.

If you intend to create an online presence, then you need to engage a very experienced local digital marketing company. Experienced is another important factor to consider because it means that they understand the dynamics of creating an online presence for every business. Experienced is very important because a person that has been the market for a long time understand the dynamics and the changes that come with technology and therefore being in a better position to create the content design your website and so on. Because of the changes in technology, it is important to consider a company that trains the employees regularly because it is a learning process.

As you consider other aspects you should also consider your budget by knowing how much it will cost you to choose a company for the market.It is important to gather more info. on different companies are asking for the estimates so that you can choose a company that is within your budget. You need to read more about different digital marketing companies before you can engage them because there are many more factors to consider such as the location and reputation.

Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate

Make haste, slowly. You’ve just landed a commercial real estate account and you need to build a strong marketing campaign for it. Now is the time to “slowly hasten” to build that campaign. Take enough time to make it a quality campaign.

There are several key elements that should always/usually be included in a good commercial real estate marketing campaign. Some of those elements can be set up fairly quickly while others will take a bit of time and careful thought before implementation.

Building the marketing package

The hard copy package you assemble for marketing a commercial property should be designed to be easily converted into a PDF format for easier internet distribution from your email or a website download.

Some of the important elements are:

Quality cover page – the cover should have a quality photo of the property or an aerial shot, and a few major deal points like the address, price, and cap rate. The cover should promote the property, not you.

The story – behind every building and sale is a story. Tell that story and show investors why they should be interested in that property.

NOTE: The hook in the story should be why the property is a desirable investment. Does it have a high tenancy and reliable income? Is it in a prime location?

Aerials and maps – download or purchase quality aerial photos that give the viewer a wider perspective of the property and its surrounding environment.

NOTE: Don’t make the package so photo heavy that the PDF will be slow to download.

Mixed media

With time and experience you will learn which media channels work best for marketing your commercial properties. In addition to hard copy, display signage, direct mail, and press releases, make as full use of Internet and social media as possible.

Web listing – a web listing is the fastest way distribute details of your property. The listing should be balanced between providing too much and too little information: just enough to pique interest, yet leave viewers asking for more information.

Easy-to-find filtering- your website should allow for attribute-based filter searching so that investors can quickly access key points of the deal.

Analytics – website analytics allow you to track the number of site viewers.

Registration – design the site to required registration to access details beyond the basics. (This separates the casual visitors from likely investors and helps you build your internal marketing database.)

Email – use email blasts to market your listings to your database of principal investors and other brokers.

Social media – utilize all social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogging. Create a template of information that will be common to each media but customizable to individual format requirements and viewership.


Although you need to get your new marketing campaign quickly underway, make haste, slowly. Your well planned and executed campaign will be awesome!

Lease Office Space for Your Business in Wheaton

With a location 25 miles west of Chicago, Wheaton is the perfect place to lease an office space for your company. Suburban locale, large client possibilities and other wonderful businesses surrounding you will only work to boost your consumer number. Wheaton, which is located in DuPage County, has a population of approximately 53,000 and is the county seat.

Benefits to Leasing Office Space in Wheaton

There are many reasons for business owners to lease an office in Wheaton. First, the location is ideal. As a suburb of Chicago and a pretty large city all on its own, business owners will reap the benefits of city aspects in the suburbs. This means that amenities, activities and availability of consumers are all at one’s door in Wheaton. Dining and shopping is prevalent and stores and restaurants such as Serenade, Gap, Ann Taylor, Ivy Restaurant, Suzette’s Creperie and others will provide you with the food, products and service options you and your employees can certainly utilize.

Business owners who lease a commercial office in Wheaton will also appreciate that it is easy to reach from many different parts of the area. Whether you and your employees are coming from Chicago or heading to Wheaton from other surrounding areas, it is an easy place to reach. Major roadways include Route 38 and Route 56. There are also two Metra stops in Wheaton which adds to the list of transportation possibilities.

Local events also bring individuals to Wheaton, which will increase your client base potential. Throughout the year, Wheaton is the place for food festivals, holiday events and more. Some of the events which Wheaton is famous for include the DuPage County Fair, Wheaton Wine and Arts Festival, Downtown Trick or Treat and much more.

Another reason to lease commercial office space in Wheaton relates to the availability of office leases throughout this city. There are plenty of lease options to choose from in Wheaton. You can obtain a single floor space of an office building, a small, individual office and even a large corporate commercial space for large companies and corporations. It’s nice to have options when it comes to leasing an office and Wheaton supplies these options for you.

The setups of the office are wide and varied as well. You can obtain a shared office space or have a commercial office which services your company and your company alone. Many of the office leases will include parking, which makes it easy for the boss, the employees and the clients to get to your office and find a place to park.

Use a Tenant Advisor to Help You Locate Wheaton Office Space

Due to the large geographical area of Wheaton and the vast amounts of leasing options available, the best bet is to use a tenant advisor to help you find the perfect office space lease in Wheaton. Wheaton commercial office space leasing is much easier when you have a knowledgeable professional in the field to help you with the process.

Leasing commercial office space in Wheaton is sure to yield positive results for businesses large and small.

What Is Mortgage Financing?

The finance methods of buying and selling and commodity have become very much advanced and there are very few people who actually understand it. There are certain terms and conditions that a customer has to fulfill while purchasing a house or some big commodity. Some people who cannot afford money for buying a house or car usually take a loan from their respective bank which applies many terms and conditions and several other policies. To get a loan from a bank sounds an easy process but it is actually not.

There are some people who have no knowledge about financing these things and they get confuse when they are actually in the bank and signing the policy form for getting the loan. As processes have become advanced, it is advisable for the people to have some information about financing of the loans before going to the bank for applying for the loan. As banks have to make their own profit as well, they sometimes do not tell you the accrual detail and charge you higher amount of the money for all the financing. They never tell you the hidden fees or the hidden cost that you will have to pay as well. This article will throw some light on the mortgage financing that how it is used and what you can expect from this type of financing before applying for the loan.

Mortgage financing is basically a method of getting a loan from the bank on certain terms and conditions. What happens in the mortgage financing is that the person has to pay some amount of money for a specific period of time and when the deal is matured and the person is done with all the payments, the property becomes yours.

At this point, the ownership of the property is transferred to the person as he has made all the required payments to the bank. There are many types of mortgage financing and when a person goes to the bank for applying for the loan, it is important for him to get to know about all these types of mortgages financing so that it becomes easier for the customer to decide that what type he should adapt.

The type varies from case to case and the amount of interest rate applied on each type. When you are in the bank for the process, it important that you know all the differences between all the types of mortgages as there are minute differences. You should know that what type applies to your case.

This will save your time and will let you your process done quickly. There are some companies who initially offer only two types of loans so that it becomes easier for the customers to choose between the two. More are the options, difficult it will become for the customers to decide especially when the customer is not fully aware of the types.

Two types that the companies offer are the fixed rate mortgages and the adjustable rate mortgages. What happens in the fixed rate mortgage is that the amount of all the payments is fixed and there is no fluctuation in the interest rate. It can be beneficial for the people as they will not have to face sudden changes in the payment which actually become a problem for some people who have limited budgets and cannot spend extra.

In the adjustable mortgage rate, the interest rate is adjusted according to the market trend and customers have to face sudden changes in the payments. But this type also has some advantages and disadvantages as well. So it is advisable to have a sound knowledge about all these types in order to avoid any monetary incident.

How to Get Maximum Benefit From an Offset Home Loan Account

You’ve most likely heard the term Offset Home Loan Account, you may even have one yourself, happy in the knowledge that you’re doing something to pay your mortgage off sooner.

It’s actually one of the most powerful tools you have, allowing you to save thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

But – are you REALLY taking advantage of that Offset Account?

What is an offset home loan account?

An offset account is a transaction account that is linked to your home loan. The credit balance of your transaction account is ‘offset’ daily against the outstanding balance of your loan, thus reducing the interest payable on that loan. Over time, this can really add up to large savings and reduce the time it takes to pay off your loan.

If you put as much money as you can into your transactional account that’s linked to your mortgage, you can save interest each day that your money is there. Your mortgage is calculated on the full amount of your remaining debt MINUS any offset funds you have accumulated. In other words, your mortgage will no longer be calculated on your full debt.

Here’s an example: say you have a home loan balance of $200,000 and have $10,000 in your offset account. So, you’ll only pay interest on $190,000 of your home loan.

In short, an offset account offers you more flexibility. You’ll be paying off your mortgage quicker, but still have access to your funds if you need them.

What to look for

There are both full (100%) and partial offset accounts. With 100% offset accounts, interest rates are earned and paid at the same time, while a partial offset account is where the interest earned is only a portion of the rate paid on the home loan.

What you can do

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of your account. Have your wages deposited in your transaction account, so the money you earn is immediately helping to reduce the interest you pay on your home loan.

Even though you will most likely spend some of that money over the month it’s still of use. Another example – let’s say that you get paid on the 15th of every month but your mortgage repayment comes on the 28th. Even though there’s only 13 days between them, you’ll be saving the difference in interest on the amount in your account for that period of time, which can eventually add up to thousands.

Any savings or lump sum payments you receive should go directly into this account. Again, you’ll still have access to the money if you need it, but the longer it stays in the account, the more interest is paid off.

Is an offset account for you?

An offset account is useful if you, like many people, can’t pay lump-sum repayments into your loan. You may be saving up for something specific – like renovations, holiday or school funding. You can use that money wisely before you cash it out for the reason you’re saving it.

However, it’s wise to make sure there’s still some money left in the account, as fees can rise once your account sinks past a certain amount. An offset account will really only work if you have a decent amount of savings. If you only have a few thousand dollars on a regular basis, your savings won’t be significant.

Tips For Buying Investment Property

Buying an investment property single-handedly could be a complicated and overwhelming process, especially if it is overseas. Some of the hurdles you might face through the process include,

  1. Choosing a favorable neighborhood
  2. Selecting the right property with all the desirable amenities nearby
  3. Allocating enough time to contribute to all aspects of buying
  4. Analyzing the prospects of the house
  5. Fixing the right budget
  6. Succeeding to fix a desirable price
  7. Understanding and performing paperwork

These are some of the issues you have to face if you plan to buy it on your own. Without a realtor you might end up paying a fortune for a house that is nowhere near to deserve a price like what you actually spend. So the number one tip would be to get the job done from reliable realtors who have the experience and expertise in handling investment property of all sorts.

Here is a quick guide to help you get through the process of buying a worthy investment property anywhere in the world.

Finding the right property

When you decide to buy a house, condo, townhouse or a vacation house for an investment property, give more importance to the neighborhood quality than the size of the home. Another aspect that you probably should vote for is for a house that favors a shorter commute to the city’s main locations.

Determining affordability

Don’t go overboard as you come across various properties. Be clear with your priorities among which your budget should be your primary concern. Hire a realtor who has vast knowledge of his sector and is efficient in the process of not only finding your dream property but also closing the deal for an affordable price. A realtor with such credentials will be able to determine your affordability Vs the cost of the property.

Determining comparable properties for sale

Instead of blindly playing by the rules, follow your instincts by comparing the cost of the property that you select with all the other similar types of properties in that locality. Your realtor would able to assess if the property that you have selected is worth the quoted price.

Accurate documentation

If you are a first time buyer, especially if you plan to purchase an overseas property, you have to be clear with the analyzing and performing of all the paperwork and documentation. If you find it beyond your realm, a realtor on the other hand would be well-versed in what is to be done and also makes sure if it is done correctly.

Property Investment in Central Bangkok

Property investment in any capital city becomes highly lucrative, especially when the property location is in the heart of the city. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is not an exception to this. Buying a property located at the city center of Bangkok is very good. It can ensure you a very good return at the time of selling the property. Choosing any property along the route from Siam Square to the Asoke junction is always worthwhile. This is probably the most costly and important area in Bangkok. This area is well-connected with various important parts of the city.

If you target a property to buy for living here permanently, you will get ample scope to enjoy almost all facilities and modern amenities which the city has to offer you. You can go for buying a property in this location when you have a higher budget. If you are seeking a property in Bangkok with a lower budget, you can target the city’s southern, northern and western districts.

This article will include only the property options in central Bangkok. I will write on the property options in southern, northern and western districts of Bangkok in my next few articles. Therefore, keep following the next articles to get an idea about the Bangkok real estate market.

Property Options in Central Bangkok

It is an undeniable fact that the property for living in Central Bangkok is comparatively low. The reason is a vast majority of the complexes are dedicated to commercial uses. Consequently, there is a shortage of residential properties. Therefore, if you look for a residential property to invest in this area, you need to search for a longer period of time. You will find no new Bangkok townhouses or vacant land allotted for town-house investment from the BTS stations to Siam Square till Ekamai (middle Sukhumvit. From BTS stations to Ekamai all way up, there are numerous commercial properties for doing business. Therefore, finding a module for opening a business is easier than having a residential flat in this area.

If you are looking for a flat in Central Bangkok, you can move to Chit Lom or Chidlom. This area is just one stop ahead of Siam square in the east. Although the proximity of central Bangkok has made the area costly, it is much lower than any location from Siam Square to the Asoke junction. Chidlom is basically a high-rise condominium. This skyscraper consists of two towers- Tower A and Tower B. it is a 24 story building having more than 597 units for comfortable living.

It includes almost all modern amenities within it like:

• Swimming pool
• Fitness center
• Green place
• Water body
• Arabic room
• Function room
• Game room
• City View
• Gym room
• Steam room
• Garden
• Covered parking
• Children’s room
• Playground
• Clubhouse
• Function room
• CCTV surveillance 24*7
• 24-Hour security
• Keycard entry

Try to invest here for the proper utilization of your money.

14 Reasons You Must Consider Owning Rental Properties

I was a 24-year old MBA grad know-it-all. I had life perfectly figured out and I certainly knew everything about investments. Working in the finance industry for a large multi-national firm, I often worked with high networth business owners. Much to my surprise, these multi-millionaires almost always invested in real estate and were generally seeking out new ways to capitalize on real estate opportunities. I was perplexed, didn’t these highly successful business men and women know that the paltry returns of real estate were minuscule compared to the stock market? I mean, I could show them many “Wall-Street” reports that concluded real estate was a really poor investment compared to stocks and mutual funds.

It was almost a full decade later that I would begin to seek to understand real estate investing in earnest. Thankfully, by this point life had taught me the importance of humility and, that much to my surprise, maybe I didn’t know everything. I began to quickly see that with real estate, the “cards are stacked in your favor.” You enjoy the tremendous benefits and advantages that the wealthy have throughout time. The economic structural systems and tax laws are designed for your benefit! I was excited and started learning as quickly as I could.

Rental properties have historically been the #1 wealth building strategy in real estate. You borrow money to buy your asset and then have someone else pay for the costs of your asset as you enjoy the benefits of appreciation, equity build-up, tax advantages, and cash flow. What a system!

Here are the 14 reasons you must consider owning rental properties.

1) Leverage (OPM)

The most powerful tool in real estate! You can typically borrow between 70% – 80% of the cost of the property and yet still receive 100% of the benefit of appreciation. OPM stands for Other People’s Money and is what helps fund your deals.

2) Someone Else Pays the Expenses

A good rental property is one where the rents paid by the tenant more than cover all of the expenses associated with the property and yet you still receive all of the benefits, including appreciation.

3) Appreciation

Typically home prices increase in value over time. According to the Texas A&M Real Estate Center, the median list price for a home in the Austin/Round Rock, TX MSA in 1990 was $72,252. In 2015 it was $260,000!

4) Loan Paydown / Equity Buildup

Even if you do not have much equity when you initially purchase the property, without contributing any additional capital you can build up significant equity. You get the duel benefit of using the rents collected to paydown on your mortgage while simultaneously enjoying appreciation. The house is now worth more in value than when you bought it and your loan balance is now lower than the original amount you borrowed. Over time, these two factors are significant!

5) Tax Benefits / Deductions

Most expenses associated with the cost of ownership can be directly deducted from any income you receive on the property. The tax benefits of owning real estate are extensive and are definitely worth exploring.

6) Depreciation

So even though as we discussed earlier home prices historically rise over time, for tax purposes you get to “depreciate” a certain percentage of the value of the rental property each year. Depreciation, which is an expense for tax purposes, serves as a powerful income shield.

7) Inflation

Inflation normally has a very negative connotation for most people. As a real estate investor, you put the power of inflation on your side. As the cost of living increases, you concurrently increase rent. The loan payment is fixed and you are now paying back the loan with “cheaper” dollars. Inflation is a great ally for debt financed properties!

8) Yield (Passive Income)

One of the key problems facing retirees is where to achieve decent yield on their investments. Real estate offers incredible passive income once the note is paid off.

9) Positive Cash Flow in Interim

Until the note is paid off, a good rental still returns several hundred dollars a month in positive cash flow.

10) Hard asset / Less volatile

With real estate you have the security of a hard asset that you can drive by and inspect at any time of your choosing. Additionally, although property values can go up and down, real estate is typically less volatile than other asset classes.

11) Own Property Free and Clear at End of Note

If you have a positive cash flow rental, other than the initial down payment, the rents collected from tenants have paid for all of the costs associated with the property. Once the loan is paid off, you now have an incredible cash flow producing asset with no debt attached to it.

12) Easy to Refinance

As property values increase over time, rental properties are relatively easy to refinance. This allows you to pull out equity and move it into other great property opportunities as they come along. Your initial down payment on the first property could serve as the equity that springboards you into many others.

13) Timing

With rental properties you decide when you sell. This is critically important for any tax minimization strategy. Additionally, by controlling the timing of a sale, you may also be eligible to capitalize on tremendously positive tax deferment programs like a 1031 Exchange.

14) Financial Freedom

This is the ultimate goal and what makes all of the hard work worth it! With long-term ownership of rental properties, you are able to create enough passive income that all of your living expenses are covered. You have no financial need to work at a job and have the freedom to pursue work (or any activity) for fulfillment.

As you can see from the list above, the economic structural systems and tax laws truly do benefit real estate investors! Is there any wonder why all of the successful, high networth business owners I came in to contact with utilized real estate as a wealth building tool? Real estate truly is an amazing tool you can use to transform your life!

5 Reasons Why Buying Property in Koh Samui, Thailand Might Be Easier Than You Thought

We’ve all fantasised about it before; living on a tropical Island. Perhaps it was when you were sat on the bus on your way to work, squashed between a tired nurse and an arrogant teenager; picturing your very own slice of paradise in your minds’ eye. Then as the bus comes to a sudden stop, you’re snapped back into reality and sink further into your bad mood because you convince yourself that it is something that will simply never happen.

And why shouldn’t it happen for you? Why should you not be allowed to live on a luscious tropical island? As it turns out, there are ways in which you can make this happen, if that’s your wish. The question is though, where?

Well, how does the heart of South-East Asia sound? More specifically, Koh Samui, in Thailand. Of course, you’ll have to work incredibly hard for it, save as much money as you can and focus on a career that can be continued in Asia (or a retirement plan); though that’s not to say its impossible.

In this article I am going to list a few reasons why moving to and buying property on Koh Samui is well within the realms of possibility. If moving to an Island is what you’ve always dreamed of, then why not? After-all, we are the architects of our own reality, right?

1 – Because You Can

It really is as simple as that: because you can. Yes, there are complications and a number of laws in place that make it quite difficult, though it’s not impossible. The problem is that there are always horror stories and rumours that float around, shattering everyone’s dreams. Yes, you can buy property in Thailand – no, it’s not impossible.

The only thing is that you have to do your research and know your rights. That being said; there are plenty of experienced legal aids in Thailand who will be able to guide you through every step of the process, including a wealth of Real Estate Agencies who will put your needs and desires first so as to ensure the smoothest transaction.

It is worth putting in the extra effort, believe me. Read on and we will explore some of the things that make Koh Samui so special!

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the World, and expatriates from all over the World have long been flocking to its shores to start a new life. In the same breath; Koh Samui is one of the larger islands and has grown in popularity over recent years, thus contributing towards it booming economy and real estate industry – do you want to be a part of that? Because you can.

2 – Because Koh Samui is Magnificent

Koh Samui isn’t one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations by accident. It has gained such a reputation because of its unparalleled beauty. Koh Samui is truly one of the most beautiful locations in the entire World, rich with a cultural tapestry that will rend you awe-struck and inspired.

The local Thai community are wonderful and accommodating too, welcoming all who flock to their shores with bright smiles and open arms.

From the hustle of Chaweng Beach, to the tranquility of the Lamai side of the Island; Koh Samui has something to offer everyone. The island boasts a wealth of magnificent landmarks and activities, including the Ang Thong National Marine Park, Bophut’s Fisherman Village, the Secret Buddha Garden and the World-Famous Scuba Diving that Samui’s neighboring island, Koh Tao has to offer.

3 – Because the Weather Doesn’t Suck

Who doesn’t want to walk around in a vest and flip-flops all of the time? Some people (crazy people) like the cold, I for one could not think of anything worse. In Koh Samui you can enjoy the benefits of living in one of the most wonderful climates in the World.

Sure, you’ll have to weather the occasional tropical storm during the rainy seasons, though even they come with their own unique set of charms. Yes, the power of mother nature can be rather intimidating, but there is something inexplicably remarkable about sitting on your balcony and watching as the storms rage and the skies light up in a grand display of electric artistry.

4 – Because the Food in Thailand is far Superior

OK, so this point may be a little biased and of course there are many who will disagree. But for the most part, anyone with great taste will know and understand that the Thai’s truly know how to eat! If you want to get away from the Fish and Chips and the Microwave Ready meals, then look no further than Thailand. They are known the World over as having some of the most magnificent food in the World.

But don’t worry, for those of you who aren’t too adventurous with their food, you will still have access to all of the western cuisine that your hearts desire. With plenty of local supermarkets selling everything you could possibly want for a slice of home.

5 – Because the Properties are Worth Every Penny

It’s no secret that money goes much further in Thailand. For what you would spend on a 2-bedroom terraced house in elsewhere, you could instead buy a villa with your very own private swimming pool! The Real Estate industry in Thailand is booming and there is a wealth of quality and experienced Real Estate Agents in the market who will be able to help you find your dream home without straying over your budget.

In fact, even if you were to simply rent a property in Thailand, (which is entirely viable) to compare – rent prices in the United Kingdom are 96.83% higher. In a nutshell, your money will go much further and you’ll be able to live a much better quality of life. Stop dreaming and make it your reality.

10 Reasons Why Buying a Home in Palm Coast Florida Is a Smart Move

Options abound when it comes to buying property in Florida, including homes on the ocean or a bit further inland. One city to seriously consider is Palm Coast, which is on Florida’s east coast, on the A1A River and the River to Sea Preserve. It offers the best of all worlds, with its size of more than 70,000 and its beautiful scenery. Here are the top 10 reasons to buy in this location.

1. Proximity to Large Cities

It’s not far from some of Florida’s larger cities, such as Orlando (82 miles away), Gainesville (also 82 miles away) and Jacksonville (58 miles away). It’s also near Daytona, which is 37 miles to the south, and St. Augustine, which is 37 miles to the north.

2. Near Key Attractions

It is also near some wonderful attractions. For example, since Orlando is only 82 miles away, it’s an easy day trip away for enjoying the city’s theme parks and other attractions.

3. Things to Do

Residents of Palm Coast have plenty to do and see without leaving town. There are golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, fishing expeditions on the Intracoastal Waterway, tours at formal gardens, birdwatching on the Great Birding Trail and explorations of wildlife areas and marshlands.

4. Quiet and Peaceful

While Palm Coast provides easy access to cities and attractions, it is out of the way and therefore doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of a larger place.

5. No State Income Tax

Florida is one of the few states with no state income tax.

6. Great Schools

The nine elementary schools, six middle schools and four high schools serving the Palm Coast area are highly rated and offer various options, including public, charter and private education.

7. Beautiful Waterfront Homes

In Palm Coast, there are plentiful waterfront homes that offer fun, relaxation and beauty. These range from those on the ocean to spots along the Intracoastal Waterway.

8. Mild Climate

The area offers mild weather year-round and pleasant ocean breezes to cool things off in the summer.

9. Reasonable Prices

Home prices in Palm Coast are reasonable, with numerous options in the $200,000 and $300,000 range.

10. Highway Access

It’s easy to get in and out of town, thanks to Interstate 95 being nearby.