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The Unique Roofs of the World

A building without a roof is incomplete. The top-most part of a home is known as the roof. Wild animals, snow, rain, wind, fire, storm and dangerous insects cannot get into a house with a roof. Roofs are made of different materials such as bricks, concrete, wood, and asbestos. There are different roof designs. The roofing companies and engineers are still researching how to improve roofing. Some engineers have come up with weird roofs. The following are some weird roofs you should see.

The Torajan roof was designed by an outstanding engineer. The Torajan roof has an exceptional shape. The engineer of this roof come up with a boat shape. The Torajan roof falls at the midpoints and rises at the ends. The Torajan roof is made according to a cultural tradition hence there are no many jokes about it. Click here to learn more about the Torajan roof.

Another creative roof you need to see is La Pedrera. La Pedrera is very famous because of its weirdness. The year 1906 is when this building was approved when the rich wanted big houses. Antoni Gaudi is the designer behind La Pedrera. The many windows in the roof, stairways and statues of the head make La Pedrera weird.

Another weird roof you need to see is the roof of California Academy of Sciences. On the roof, there are human-made hills and glass. There are a lot of plants and local animals which grow and live on this roof respectively. One hill covers a rainforest which receives sunshine through some openings covered with glass.

The Leaf House, Brazil has a roof which was designed by a competent designer. The Leaf House’s roof has six sides which look like leaves and are pointed. The sides of Leaf House look like big leaves. Since it is challenging to elaborate on how the Leaf House looks like, you need to visit Brazil and see it.

Acros roof which is in Japan is an outstanding roof in the world. The roof of Acros which has fourteen stories look like a staircase, and the steps offer a garden to green plants. Ambasz an Argentine designer built this building for the government of Japan. The Japanese government was reluctant in approving this building since the proposed site was a park but Ambasz increased the size of the park as this website states.

Casa Batllo Gaudi is another weird roof you need to see. As its name suggests, the roof was designed by Antoni Gaudi who got the design from his teacher. Antoni Gaudi boosted the appearance of Casa Batllo Gaudi instead of bringing it down.